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How to say stop in french?

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What language is dur stop?

What is the perfect tense of stop?

How do you say shut your mouth in French Canadian?

Does Google Translate have Canadian French?

How do you say stop in French Canadian?

The English order ''Stop'' will be removed from stop signs at road junctions in Quebec, leaving only the French word ''Arret,'' the Government has decided. The octagonal red ''Arret-Stop'' signs are at present in both Canadian official languages.14 may. 1982

How do you shout at someone in French?

- Don't shout! Ne criez pas ! - to shout for help appeler à l'aide. - to shout at sb to do sth crier à qn de faire qch.

Is the word stop French?

It is arrêter (ah-reh-tay). It is conjugated as follows: j'arrête - I stop. tu arrêtes - you (singular familiar) stop.

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How to say stop in french?, answer, explanation and examples

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