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How to spell giselle?

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Giselle is a female given name of French origin. It is derived from the Germanic word geisil, "hostage" or "pledge". Variants include Gisela, Gisele, Gisèle, Gizel and Gizele.

What does name Gisele mean?

What does Gisele mean in German?

What is Gisela English?

Meaning. pledge. Other names. Related names. Giselle, Gísli, Gisle.

Is the name Giselle German?

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What does the name Giselle mean in the Bible?

Giselle name meanings is One who offers her pledge.

What does Giselle mean in French?

as a girls' name is pronounced je-ZELL. It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Giselle is "pledge, hostage".

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How to spell giselle?, answer, explanation and examples

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